Accounting System and ERP system for Sri lankan Business

Due to traditional bookkeeping methods, Sri Lankan business owners are still struggling manage financial related records and to know where their businesses stand on. Lack of accounting knowledge, time consuming and cost are some of the facts that the business owners are not going for computerized accounting systems.

But now things are going to be change. We introduced My-Accountant ERP system which is a new way of making accounting much easier to maintain, low cost and any one can operate the system even without any accounting knowledge.

My-Accountant is an ideal solution to manage your books with low cost. You can use it easily even from your mobile phone and you don’t need to have very good accounting knowledge. However you need a Sri Lankan  to set it up properly to get the best out of it.

Even you can save the cost of bookkeeping by hiring a Virtual Accountant by my-accountant, if you moved to an online accounting app like My-Accountant.

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