Business data analytics

If You have POS system, Attendance system, Accounting system, CRM system separately

And you can not get smoother information system to make better and quick decisions in your business ????

We will integrate your total business systems in to one cloud solution.

– Real time information access
– Real time analytics
– Working capital management
– Stock management
– in-build accounting system that is integrated with other modules
– E commerce platform with WEB 2.0

– Reduce workload to employees and increase efficiency.
– Reduce cost
– Reduce data errors and increase accuracy of information for better decisions
– In depth analytics to analysis of business data
– increase profitability
– Mobility

We charge Rs 250,000 for the total package
If we did not deliver what we agreed on, we will give you full refund after 6 months.
That’s our guarantee for success of this software.
Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

Esteem Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
67B, Delgolla Estate, Mawathagama, 60060, Sri Lanka




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